Sunday, May 15, 2011


Have to credit where it's due.. Tranny Doll CeCe Luminos knows how to make me hot on camera and I enjoy every second of it.. Here's my latest flick.

Latin Pornstar, Brenda k . Giordano hits the scene again in her 2nd Debut. Trying to make it in the

spotlight as the next Burlesque Doll she goes in for a trial Leaving Manager Keanu wanting more and

more... Sexy, Sleek. Hot and EXPLOSIVE!!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Steamy Latin Bitches Produced by Pelon Beaton

Was given the priviledge of working on another production with another Talented Director Pelon Beaton. Have a look at my steamy encounter with Kitti Tigerfish that lead Pelon to come in and join. Yummy. Click Below and Watch now!!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Steamy Latin Vixen Brendak Giordano Captured by Xmike Deed

Sexy Slideshow by Pelon Beaton

A sexy slideshow of pornstar and model Brenda K Giordano Pics by Pelon Beaton Photoliicous 2011

Click here and watch now @ Naughty Machinima :

Carnal Carnival.

Check out my steamy first start in the porn industry with Director CeCe Luminos behind the lens.

Cum one, Cum all to the Carnal Carnival. Under this red top of sin and debauchery your deepest desires fulfilled, temptations of the flesh becoming reality. In this Circus of pleasures, let            Brenda K. Giordano, ringleader, temptress and newest porn sensation to hit the big top supported by a plethora of the hottest most enticing porn stars and starlets,feed your perverse & raunchy appetites.

 Carnal Carnival: